How We Got Started

By Kemish Hendershot
Getting Started

In 2008, along with two other partners, I began work on a custom web application for the home building industry (in which I worked). This was a large application and a lengthy project, providing a multitude of learning experiences. After completing the application I found that I really enjoyed the web development process and I had an "Aptitude" for it. I had not, up to that point done a lot of technical computer work. I was fairly proficient at using a computer and specific software, but had never put too much focus on it as it wasn't in my "job description".

In the summer of 2009 I suffered an accident that left me in a coma for a week and in the hospital for a month. The recovery was a slow process, but with hard work and through blessings from a loving Father in Heaven I was able to have a full recovery. Due in a large part to the accident, however, it became prudent to find another line of work. I looked around for a while, and tried some different things, but always seemed to come back to Information Technology and web development.

In 2010 I began providing IT services and consulting for Advanced Health Care. I was contracted to act as their Director of IT, and managed all IT related activities for the corporate office and their 11 healthcare facilities.

At the beginning of 2011 I formed Aptitude IT, LLC and we currently provide services to clients located in Idaho, Utah, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona.