Many of the projects we work on are large applications designed to solve a specific need within an organization. Because they are used "in-house" only they are not available to preview, however, some details may be provided in the descriptions below. The following are screenshots, links, and descriptions for some of the projects we have worked on.

Advanced Health Care Home Page

Advanced Health Care

Site URL: http://www.ahcfacilities.com

Advanced Health Care had an existing site that wasn't providing them the image and content they desired. Shortly after opening a new facility in Glendale, Arizona they prepared a big marketing push, but wanted the website updated prior to the begin of the campaign. Advanced Health Care contacted us approximately a week before the start of the marketing campaign and we were able to deliver the site they desired on-time.

The company now uses the site and the virtual tours we created for them extensively when marketing at hospitals, with physicians, and when talking with potential guests. They have also utilized the site and virtual tours to showcase their locations to potential investors prior to expanding to new markets.

In addition to the re-design of the corporate site we built pages for each of the locations with virtual tours and location specific information. These additional sites/pages can be seen by clicking on the screenshot of the site or the link above for the corporate site and then clicking on one of the facilities' thumbnail pictures.

S&S Nutrition Home Page

S&S Nutrition Network, Inc.

Site URL: http://www.sandsnutrition.com

S&S Nutrition Network, Inc. had an existing site that was built using the Joomla! Content Management System and was maintained by employees. They wanted to update the site with a new look and feel but wanted to continue the in-house maintenance. We re-designed and re-built the site utilizing Joomla! because of their familiarity with the platform while giving them the updated design they desired.

Timberline Building Company Home Page

Timberline Building Company

Site URL: http://www.builtbytimberline.com

One of the first websites we did was for a building company located in the Treasure Valley (Boise, Idaho). We used Joomla! to build the site facilitating easy content management. We built pages to display interior and exterior photos of projects they had completed and implemented a shadowbox to easily preview the images.

Prior to the collapse of the housing market, work was also started on a project management portion of the application. After login the user would be able to see details for all current projects including house plans, estimates, project notes, etc. The application would have professional social features to allow communication and integration with other building professionals and vendors. It would also integrate with BuildSwap for instant access to available building materials, tools, and equipment. We anticipate continued development of this application as the building market revives.

BuildSwap Home Page


Site URL: http://www.buildswap.com

BuildSwap was a major undertaking. Many hours were spent architecting, designing, and building the site to achieve the exact functionality desired. The site provides the ability for building professional or do-it-yourself homeowners to buy and sell new or used building materials, tools, and equipment. Searches can be performed locally and items can be picked up in person, or search anywhere for items that are available to be shipped.

BuildSwap is still in its infancy. As the building market begins to pick up again expect to see new features, more items, and integration with other online building tools.