IT Consulting

Why do I need IT Consulting?

At Aptitude we want you to keep your focus on what you do best and help you do it even better. Our speciality is analyzing existing business practices for ways to streamline workflows, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing overhead. We take our technological expertise and recommend ways you can use technology to better build your business.

"Aptitude has been great to work with! They have been very responsive and have recommended, architected, and developed solutions that meet our specific needs. These solutions have streamlined our processes and improved our communication inside our organization."

—Forest Arnett, Administrator - AHC of Glendale


We begin our analysis by spending time face-to-face with you and/or your staff. We discuss how work is currently performed and analyze existing workflows taking into account the technological skill level of your staff as well as specific software and/or hardware requirements. We have experience improving workflows through recommending and implementing web-based solutions as well as auditing existing computer and networking hardware. Our analysis is completed with a detailed report of what we found and our corresponding recommendations.

Architecting Solutions

Aptitude has experience architecting solutions for a wide range of IT projects. We have architected large complex website applications from public-facing sites to internal applications designed for specific problems. We have also designed and setup network and server configurations; we are able to design the best environment for your situation, whether it is setting up servers, moving your data to "the cloud", or designing a web-based solution, Aptitude can help.