Managed Services

"Aptitude has vast knowledge about both Windows and Mac operating systems, servers, software, & hardware. I would recommend Aptitude for all your hardware and software installation, support, and network issues."

—Patrick Dunlavy, CPA - Kezos & Dunlavy, LLC

Not ready for your own IT staff?

With the current requirement of computers and related equipment for mission critical tasks in the workplace, maintenance of IT equipment has become of vital importance. So what do companies who need IT support but aren't ready to hire their own IT staff do? Or maybe you have an IT staff with a high proficiency for Windows machines but you need help with your Apple Mac OS X and/or iOS (iPhone/iPad) products? Aptitude IT can provide a full array of managed services to meet all your needs.

Managed Services Definition:

Managed services refers to the delegating of day-to-day operations for a specific service to an outside organization, in this case IT services.

Workstations & Laptops

If you use Microsoft Windows you are going to need antivirus protection, and even then you may still have virus issues come up. Aptitude can clean your computer(s) and monitor antivirus/malware software for you. We can also troubleshoot any other questions that may come up such as, installing or using specific software or protecting your workstations to meet security regulations such as HIPAA. We have experience working with Windows (XP, Vista, or 7), Mac OS X, and Linux.

Smartphones & Tablets

Apple iPhone

Mobile computing is one of the biggest new trends, and it doesn't appear to be doing anything but growing in the future. At Aptitude we have extensive experience with both iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) as well as Android phones and tablets. Whether you would like to know more about what type of device would be best for your situation, how to setup and use your device, or what applications are available and would be of most use to you... we have the answers.


Printers can be problems. With driver installs and compatibility with different Operating Systems, they can be time consuming to setup and/or fix and cause you a lot of headaches. We have experience working with many different printer models on various operating systems. We will make sure your printers work flawlessly.


Whether you currently have a server that needs to be maintained or you would like to find out how a server could benefit your organization, we are here to help. We can help you optimize a server configuration to best meet your needs and achieve your goals. We have experience working with Linux Servers in many flavors (Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS, Fedora), Mac OS X Server, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008.


Aptitude can setup and maintain your wired and/or wireless network architecture ensuring appropriate security to protect your valuable data against attacks.

Additional Items

Do you have questions about anything technology related? Feel free to contact us and we will put our expertise and knowledge to work for you!