Online Presence

What is Online Presence and why do I need it?

Not so long ago when someone wanted to find a company to provide a specific service, say a plumber for example. They would open up the phone book, go to the yellow pages and look under "plumbers". More than likely today that same person looking for a plumber wouldn't even have a phone book, they would go straight to their computer, smartphone, or tablet and perform a search for plumbers in their area. If you provide a service or product to the general public the days of needing to advertising in the phone book are almost gone, and if someone searches for your service or product and they don't see you, you are losing potential clientele.

How do I get an Online Presence?

The first step to a solid online presence is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. As described in the above example, when someone wants to locate a service or product today, the most likely first response for them is to go to a web browser and perform a search with a search engine like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. The businesses that show up in the page one results are most likely to be contacted by the potential customer. SEO is the process of researching which keywords are most applicable to your website and would be most beneficial to helping to bring in those potential customers from their search engine queries and then placing those keywords in appropriate places throughout your website.

Warning about SEO Promises:

There are many companies out there who "guarantee" page one results. You should be very cautious of these promises. Proper SEO should involve extensive research into what keyword phrases would be of greatest benefit to your specific site. Popular keyword phrases have a high level of competition to achieve page one results. It would be easy however to select keywords for which nobody is really searching and quickly get a page one result. For SEO to be truly beneficial it takes research, work, and time.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

In the past, unless you had a healthy advertising budget, people went looking for the services or products they wanted, either in the phone book or by going to the store in person. Search engine queries are not too different, the individual "goes looking" for what they want to find.

But what if you could take your product or service to the individual instead of waiting for them to come to you? This is what traditional advertising has tried to do in the past with TV, radio, and print ads. Search Engine Marking or SEM can perform the same tasks. However, they can take advertising to the next level by allowing you to present your information only to those to whom it is most relevant.

When you advertise on television your ad is seen by all the viewers of the program at that given time, but what if you are advertising for a service or product for which only a small percentage of the viewers is interested? With online marketing you have the ability to target only a specific group of people and, if you choose, only in a specific geographic area. This functionality can drastically reduce advertising costs while increasing their effectiveness by displaying your information only to those to whom it is pertinent!