Virtual Tours

What is a "Virtual Tour"?

A virtual tour is a photographic panorama which can be viewed online in a web browser or by burning a DVD for playback on a DVD player (note: virtual tours played on a DVD are not as customizeable as an online viewing experience).
Virtual Tours created by Aptitude are highly customizeable. We can add things such as your company logo, sound (such as music or a voice-over), and navigation links to access other locations you would like to highlight.

How is a Virtual Tour Created?

We use professional quality equipment to take still photos of your location. We pay special attention to the environment, including lighting, and items which may appear more noticeable in the tour. These photographs are then "stiched" together to create a seamless panorama image, making it feel as if you were actually standing where the camera is taking the photos.
Aptitude creates a highly professional looking virtual tour to showcase your healthcare facility, retail location, office, hotel, or other attraction. An example virtual tour created for Advanced Health Care of Scottsdale can be seen by clicking here or on the image above and to the left. The virtual tours are then played back on the internet and can be created using Adobe Flash or Apple Quicktime, and we just recently created our first HTML5 virtual tour which is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, or any browser with HTML5 capabilities.

How Would a Virtual Tour be Beneficial?

More people are using the internet to gather information than ever before. This trend continues to grow with easy and instant accessibilty to information. Because of this easily available information, many people make their decisions before even talking to anyone; they have done their research and they already know, or have a good idea, of what they want. A virtual tour allows you to present your "product" to the consumer without them even needing to step foot inside your door.